Friday, January 19, 2007

Ear Infections are evil

Sorry, no knitting pictures today. Two nights ago we were up 4 or 5 times with the big one. She just was so uncomfortable and unhappy. She ended up in bed with us for a while...picture it....daddy, mommy, big and little ones in our queen sized bed. It was "cozy", for lack of a better word. Luckily, daddy stayed home from work yesterday to help out. We've had a rough transition to two kids, what with everyone being sick and such. Anyway, last night was better, she slept all night and didn't wake me until almost 9 this morning. Yeah!!!!

Now for the bad news, when she woke up this morning I noticed that she had weird crustiness around her ear and looked.......looked like a ruptured ear infection. Sure enough, after a visit to the ped, it was and she is on the mend with some meds. I feel so bad for her, she must have been hurting, but showed no signs of ear infection.

Mama's beat after a long week and I hope to do some thereputic knitting and dying this weekend.

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Morwenna said...

Interesting to know.