Monday, February 5, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Whew! Mommy was very tired, but the christening outfit was complete on Sunday morning. The christening went off beautifully and we had a fun weekend visiting with my family.

Here's my little man......

The Details:
Yarn: Berroco's Ultra Alpaca 50%wool/50%Alpaca
Needles: Size 4 Knitpicks Options
Pattern: Of my own imaginings. I knit the pants from my regular pattern (Perfection Pants, Wooly Wonder). However, the sweater was out of thin air. I adapted the cable pattern from this Knitty pattern and kinda made the rest up. The neckline took me 3 tries, but I'm fairly happy with it. This was my first attempt at designing a sweater (though not my first attempt at designing) and I'm pretty proud of it.

And of course, I must add a few gratuitous photos of my kids......they are so dang cute!

Also, I want to thank those of you that helped with the charity raffle I mentioned in the last post. We've raised a stellar amount of money that will help this family in need. If you haven't taken a look, there are a few things still up, so take a look!!!

Last, but not least, for those that asked....yes, there will be an update to my Etsy shop today, but it probably won't happen until my kiddos go to bed, so be on the lookout for some new yarns!

UPDATE: Etsy update is complete:) There isn't much this time, but a few pretty skeins of sock yarn went up today. Enjoy!

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Hattie said...

That outfit is super cute, love the cables!

Not to mention the kids! Man I miss having little babies...